There are three main components, which are provided free and for easy download and use.


The Playbook

The Undiscipline Playbook is a navigation guide. Acting as the glue that binds a small group of 4 students together, it is a manual that both instructs, as well as provokes, an exploration into imagining what’s possible within ourselves and in the world around us.


The Future World Cards

The Future World Cards is a deck of prompt questions that accompanies the Playbook. They are used to spark candid conversations about how the many dimensions of society and the world might evolve in the future. It is our hope that the deck will expand, and new decks that focus on specific topic areas will emerge to supplement Undiscipline.


The Capture Canvases

Candid conversations and moments of self-reflection are key to Undiscipline. There are 4 canvases that accompany the Playbook – the My Personal Story Canvas, the Looking Closer at Changes Canvas, the Image of the Future Canvas, and the Intentions Canvas. These canvases give students the space to play, to express, and most importantly, to capture what they found relevant and valuable in their Undiscipline journey. They can be shared, collected, revised, and used to serve as personal reminders.