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The Facilitation Guide

This guide provides a detailed breakdown of each activity in the Undiscipline personal foresight workshop. In it, you will find workshop instructions, practical tips, as well as helpful anecdotes from pilot integration into classroom environments.


The Workshop Presentation Slides

These instructional slides functions as a guide to the Undiscipline workshop, it provides instructions for each activity in the three phases of inquiry. We encourage you to tailor Undiscipline to your class and goals, but these slides can be a starting point to help you envision how it could be played.


The Future World Cards

The Future World Cards is a deck of prompt questions that accompanies the workshop. They are used to spark candid conversations about how the many dimensions of society and the world might evolve in the future. It is our hope that the deck will expand, and new decks that focus on specific topic areas will emerge to supplement Undiscipline.


The Activity Canvases

Candid conversations and moments of self-reflection are key to Undiscipline. These canvases give learners the space to play, to express, and most importantly, to capture what they found relevant and valuable in their Undiscipline journey. They can be shared, collected, revised, and used to serve as personal reminders.