Our Collective Futures

Welcome to our collective futures.

Here, you can browse stories about the future that others have created. You will be able to see how some of today’s trends may evolve into future scenarios, and what implications they will have on the worlds of tomorrow.

More importantly, you will get a glimpse of what matters to students, their values, and how they see themselves in our changing world

What elements of these futures do you prefer? How do they make you feel?


Observed Changes in the World Today


What are 10 changes I/we see today?

  1. Social media changing our interpersonal interactions

  2. Environment (global warming, climate change)

  3. Automation of jobs

  4. Housing market - competitive

  5. Political movements

  6. More acceptance and efforts for diversity

  7. Creation of new jobs that we haven’t seen before

  8. Influx of information (bombardment, access)

  9. Increased global awareness

  10. Nomad culture (working from home etc.)

What are 10 changes I/we see today?

  1. No one talks to each other

  2. Multiple lives (digital personas)

  3. Less and less time, frenziness

  4. More awareness around social issues (#metoo)

  5. Democratization of media platforms

  6. Questioning of the current mass consumption

  7. Embracing your culture again

  8. Younger generations seem more “mature” have access to more knowledge

  9. Embracing / revival of analog

  10. Virtual life vs. real life - virtual tourism

Personal Journeys & Future Stories

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 10.29.07 PM.png

What is my story so far?

I used to be a professional cricket player, until I realized that I couldn’t see myself doing this forever. My mother was in the arts, and I chose to become an artist myself as well. Since then, I’ve moved my life to New York and am making my dreams come true.

Looking at my past journey, I see that I am willing to take risks, optimistic, and in love with drawing. I am not clear about where I want to be, passionate about making things, and learning everyday and adapting to challenges that come my way.

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 10.28.49 PM.png

ColourED lenses

I wanted to study a world where the lines between reality and artificiality (i.e. social media influence) start to blur. I wanted to challenge “nature” and what it means for our existence.

In my world, the real world still exists as a means of necessity, but you can wear “coloured lenses” in order to create different realities in which you exist in different forms.

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 10.29.35 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 10.29.20 PM.png

What is my story so far?

I chose to look at my past journey as how my identity has changed over the years while staying the same. Major milestones were defined by my love for performance and dance, and then deciding to go into design and grad school.

From this, I learned that I am adaptive, growing, and leaving out somethings that truly give me pleasure (i.e. performing). However, I also see how I have changed and explored.

Adult kids: starter pack

The change that I was inspired by was the rapid growth and maturation of children, hence “adult” kids. My approach was almost comedic, but is it really? Children in my future are “registered” in order to receive life-long domain name subscriptions, programmed challenges, auto-updates of data, and more.

In short, humans are manufactured into technology.

Present Intentions