Why should you use this?

Decisions made today shape the ways in which the world will exist tomorrow. As students, these decisions impact our lives and our wellbeing. But how can we 1) understand what we prefer for the future and 2) develop the agency to make it happen?

Undiscipline invites all students to challenge ideas about what’s possible, both within ourselves and in the world around us. It is a creative tool to provoke thinking, and a platform to elevate the student voice.

Created by students for students, this tool and platform taps into our collective knowledge and imagination to tell new stories. Stories about the futures we want, not ones decided for us. On a personal level, it can help you align your decisions to the things you care about and that are meaningful to you.  

Take a Look Closer

What are some scenarios that others students have developed?

  • A world of genetically modified children raising the bar for competition and “perfection”

  • Living in a world of “rose-coloured lenses”, where the divide between social media and reality is steep yet blurred

  • “My Little Bit Planet”, where the personal data and natural world have become heavily commodified at an incredibly high cost


We’ve developed and tested this with multiple rounds of students who just like you, are in transition phases in their lives. To learn more about about the project and the design process.