As an educator, you play a crucial role in empowering and preparing students for tomorrow. We encourage you to find opportunities for students to reflect and imagine their futures by incorporating the Undiscipline tool and platform into your classes, curriculum or services.

This tool can help you learn more about your students - what excites them, worries them, angers them, and the stories they imagine for themselves in a changing world.

It can be used to discover new opportunities for further research or innovation, and to gain a deeper understanding of the social, environmental, political or economic implications of emerging technology, such as AI, etc

How can we encourage our students in being more engaged and think outside the box?

  • Tap into the things that students value, the stories they see for themselves, the issues they care about, so that you can better engage them in the classroom

  • Make curriculum development human-centered

  • Help elevate the student voice

  • Instill a sense of play and feeling into learning; spark students to take ownership of the future through experiential learning

  • Use the tool and platform to challenge your peers and yourself to create new stories about possible futures for education


How can I incorporate it into my work with students?

Based on feedback from a recent co-creation session with educators, administrators, education developers, and students leaders,  there are a number of potential ways for integration of the tool and platform, such as:

  • Classroom Pop-Up

  • Student Portfolio

  • Integrated Curriculum

Have an idea? Let us know at sxdlab@ecampusontario.ca.