A Personal Foresight Workshop for Post-Secondary Students



Undiscipline is a personal foresight workshop that challenges students to think beyond their personal assumptions and imagine collective futures through a guided process of inquiry.

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How it Works

The workshop is comprised of three phases that guide a collective exploration and imagination of past, futures, and present. The objectives for each phase are outlined below; we encourage you to adapt them and/or incorporate other activities suitable to your teaching context.


I: Past – Observing Change

The first phase is about observing and understanding personal and external changes. Students take stock of their past and reflect on what they can learn from their personal story so far to capture the changes that have shaped who they see themselves as today.

II: Futures – Future Possibilities

The second phase is about imagining different possible future worlds. Students are guided to bring their personal perspectives towards collectively imagining how current trends can manifest in different ways in the future.

III: Present – Present Intentions & Actions

The third phase is about setting present intentions and actions towards turning feelings about different possible futures into personal intentions for present action. This phase is made of two distinct steps: players reflecting on their future world, and thinking of who they want to be/the impact they want to make.


The workshop

The Undiscipline Workshop and its components are available for free download. This includes a facilitator guide, activity canvases, a set of Future Worlds cards, workshop presentation slides and evaluation guides.



My biggest takeaway would be that anything can happen. We’re not really heading into one direction; all these little different things can change. It’s a whole network of things. 

—Student Participant


March 2019

I see this as an opportunity for faculty development. To get to know the students. How can we bring this back into the conversation?





Educational Institutions

Educators and curriculum developers from over 5 educational institutions across Canada have been involved.



Over 30 users have tested and helped inform the design of the workshop, from both educator and student perspectives.


Uniquely imagIned worlds

Each world imagined was unique and special in their own ways, due to the participant’s imagination and the groups they played with.